ROTW: Angstparade!

So stoked to find a brilliant new album has recently been spawned by this idiosyncratic German outfit! We'd discovered them not long ago via an earlier disc, 2016's Scherben Müssen Sein (bought on a hunch from the Amoeba bargain bin!) and this new one, again on the Zygmatron label, is fully as awesome if not more so.

Hannover, Germany trio Deamon's Child, at first glance one of those female-fronted occult rock acts of which the current scene is hardly bereft, are actually pretty dang original. They're a band that doesn't fit so neatly into one established formula or genre. They sort of sit askew and slightly 'off' from the standard genre 'grid,' but not in some Bungle-ized deliberate, overt extreme – the 'WTF?' factor (embodied by that album cover, and often in the form of unusual rhythmic/percussive coloration) is more subtle but definitely a factor in how rad this is.

The female vocalist is more punk rock than anything, intensely singing (and screaming) in strident German what we are led to believe are politically-themed lyrics. They do have occult vibes (their name!) and a shit ton of stoner/psych heaviness, but their sound is also punk, and also metal, the riffiness (and there's hella riffiness) venturing into realms both thrashily metallic and '90s noise-rock-ish. Their sound has been described as "NDW-Stoner-Noise" and Deamon's Child is indeed highly recommended, eccentric Teutonic alt-metal.

RIYL: Gore, Ton Steine Scherben, Gold, Jesters Of DestinyNina Hagen