aQ on FMU, 2005

Hey, happy holidays! Dug up something recently that we thought would be fun to share... Years ago, in 2005, Andee and I had the honor of getting to do a guest DJ takeover for a couple hours on our friend Brian Turner’s amazing radio show, back when he was a DJ (and the music director) at WFMU in New Jersey.

We were visiting NYC for the CMJ convention that year. Business trip! I think we'd been invited to speak on a panel or something. The September weather was unspeakably hot and humid, as I vividly recall. We stayed in Brooklyn with Jeremy from Temporary Residence, shopped at a bunch of record stores (naturally), went out for pierogies with the dudes from Pelican, and we saw a bunch of other pals, including of course Brian Turner, who as I said invited us onto his show. Which I have now uploaded to our Mixcloud page, in two parts:

Click through to Mixcloud for the full playlist… lots of outsider black metal, obscure '70s prog/psych, Japanese minimal boogie, a bunch of then-unreleased tUMULt gems, and more... the usual gamut of weird sounds that both aQ and Brian Turner’s show were known for, in other words. You can see why aQ and WFMU always had such a strong connection.

You can also find this whole episode, which broadcast in October 2005 although we recorded our segment a month earlier, in the WFMU archives of Brian's show, I also just realized. Massive rabbit hole to go down there, exploring Brian's other old episodes and such...

If you want even more, well, Allan and Andee both have regular shows of our own on the internet radio station Gimme Metal, as you may be aware: Battleflutes & Sideways Skulls and By This Wax I Rule!, respectively. 

Allan guested recently on Battleflutes for Andee’s 50th episode, wherein we challenged each other to play tracks meant to emulate what the other person would normally select for their own show. People seemed to enjoy our picks, and also our, um, banter. And then even more recently, Brian Turner, who is in fact now the program director for Gimme Radio, guest DJed on Allan’s show, for a special "By This SAX I Rule!" episode (#77), which was also super fun. So check those out! (Archived in "The Vault" on Gimme Metal, available if you become a Gimme Brigade member for like $5/month, well worth it.)

Brian also has continued his career in freeform radio DJing post-FMU, and can currently be found doing his thing at brianturnershow.com. Here's hoping that someday there will be a "Gimme Freeform" station for him (and us) to do shows on, as well...