ROTW: Metaprogramação!

Hey, happy Record Store Day, people! Of course, there's no way that either of us is going anywhere near a record store today due to our RSD-PTSD. But at least we can post a new Record Of The Week, one we've been meaning to highlight here ever since it came out last month on the Ides of March: the percussive and primal protest music of Metaprogramação! by Brazil's DEAFKIDS.

Ask yourself, how do some echoing, heavy, rhythmic, industrial Brazilian Hawkwind-y noise punk tribal jams sound to you? We say, um, yeah!!!

Makes sense this third album of theirs came out via Neurot Recordings, as heavy tribal drum circle shit is part of Neurosis's own repertoire (in a good way!). And DEAFKIDS deliver on the rhythm and the noise. You could almost say that they kind of sound like Gnod meets Roots-era Sepultura. It's raw psychedelic dubby punk that could be a sonic fever dream spawned from a collision of, like, R.D.P. and the Boredoms.

Ideal for fans of the ‘chaotic hypnotic’!