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By This Wax I Rule! is Allan's internet radio show on Gimme Metal, airing Mondays at 4pm PT / 7pm ET and Saturdays at 8pm PT/10pm ET, that I've been hosting since 2017. New episodes go live every other Monday, repeating on Saturday night. Previous episodes are rerun during the intervening weeks. 

Gimme is free (check out their Gimme Country station too) but if you subscribe for $5/month, you get access to "The Vault" full of my old shows (Andee's too, and others).

"It’s time to bust out your d20 and attempt to save vs. Riffs. As your DM, I mean DJ, I’ll be spinning the truest, heaviest and weirdest metal in the realm, including both killer classics & arcane obscurities from the ‘70s through today and into the far, far future. You’ll encounter fantastical face-rippers and riff-monsters from outside of space and time (and genre). Ready for adventure? Let’s roll the dice!"

I'm going to be posting playlists here after the shows, though you can also find them in the archives on the Gimme site.

Episode #121, 9/26/22

FREEDOM HAWK "Take What You Can" Take What You Can (Ripple, 2022)

MYSTIK "Ancient Majesty" Mystik (I Hate, 2019)

SORDID BLADE "Lonesome Rider (REMIX 2022)" MMXXI 7" (Nameless Graves, 2022)

SUMERLANDS "Edge of the Knife" Dreamkiller (Relapse, 2022)

SPEEDWOLF "Out On Bail" Ride With Death (Hells Headbangers, 2011)

HARVEY MILK "Misery" The Pleaser (Reproductive, 1997)

GARGANTUAN BLADE "Dungeon Lord" Gargantuan Blade (self-released, 2022)

TRIAL "In The Highest" Feed The Fire (Metal Blade, 2022)

SOLITUDE AETURNUS "Mirror of Sorrow" Into The Depths of Sorrow (Roadracer, 1991)

NUM SKULL "Death and Innocence" Ritually Abused (Medusa, 1988)

MANTAS "Death By Metal (Demo 1 version)" Death By Metal (Relapse 1984/2012)

OLD NICK "Shepard of the Rats 2" Crisp Winter Dawn of My Night Moon (Grime Stone, 2021)

AUTONOESIS "Moon of Foul Magics" Moon of Foul Magics (self-released, 2022)

HYPNOS "Infernational" In Blood We Trust (Morbid, 2000)

OBITUARY "Slow Death" Frozen In Time (Roadrunner, 2005)

LAZY 3 "Neighbours (3pm)" One Large Magnetic Cartridge (Sound Punch, 1998)

DEATH "Suicide Machine" Human (Relativity, 1991)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Lucid Interval" Lucid Interval (Relapse, 2002)

ELECTRIC EELS "Cyclotron" Agitated/Cyclotron 7" (Rough Trade, 1978)

SPIRITUS MORTIS "Martyrdom Operation" The Great Seal (Svart, 2022)

PENTAGRAM "20 Buck Spin" First Daze Here (Relapse 1973/2002)

GUM "TV Eye" Vinyl Anthology (23five, 1988/2004)

VOM "War Veteran" Primitive Arts (At War With False Noise, 2009)

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