ROTW: Music From Patch Cord Productions!

Hey, so it's been a week. 'Bout time for a "Record Of," eh? This will do nicely. Released just this past Friday via Sacred Bones, Music From Patch Cord Productions! is a delightful audio salad of odds and sods celebrating the curious genius of prolific commercial composer and utter Moog-meister Mort Garson (1924-2008). The collection's cover art references several of Mort's most far-out productions: The Zodiac, Black Mass, and Plantasia. Along the same lines as those cult classics, the electronic synthscapery assembled here runs the gamut from spacey new agey to kitschy and catchy. You get mellow, and you get groovy, and you get just wonderfully weird (The Blobs "Son of Blob Theme," ferinstance). Recorded in Garson's late sixties/early seventies heyday, most of these 19 rare tracks are in fact previously unreleased, though it's possible they were heard in advertisements at the time... if a little hard to believe. Loopy "lounge" music for lovers – lovers of Moog and lovers of Lucifer. SB's "The Mort Garson Archival Reissue Series" is worth checking out in its entirety, but start here.