[ Links ]

Eventually, probably, we'll organize these into categories and stuff...

The neat Friends Of Aquarius Records group our old customer Dan Vallor set up on Facebook.

Gimme Radio, the awesome all-metal internet radio station where Allan and Andee both have their own shows (By This Wax I Rule! and Battleflutes And Sideways Skulls, respectively).

Andee's Battleflutes And Sideways Skulls Facebook page.

Andee's new Battleflutes And Sideways Skulls website!

A cached version of the old aQuarius website at the Internet Archive, albeit sans search function and audio samples.

A memorial page for aQuarius that a couple of wonderful former aQ customers made, based on the Internet Archive cache above, that does have search functionality! [Sometimes up, sometimes down]

Our Why...Do You Like It? Mixcloud page.

Turns out the all-but-forgotten about aQuarius Records Blog we did from 2008-2011 is still accessible, full of dead links and nostalgia-inducing announcements & observations.

Likewise with the old aQuarius Records Instagram account, 245 posts from 2013-2016. 

Our pal Ken's upcoming documentary film about aQuarius.

A whole bunch of short films by Daniel Robin, shot at aQ circa 2001(?), still available for viewing on the internet!

Andee's semi-dormant record label tUMULt.

Stranded, the record store in our old spot on Valencia Street.

Forced Exposure mailorder, which was one of aQ's big suppliers.

Midheaven, online music retailers associated with another of our biggest suppliers, Revolver USA.

Only Solitaire, one of the most insane/impressive music review blogs around!

KFJC, one of the coolest 'college radio' stations in our neck of the woods, had a huge online archive of music reviews to check out.

Homepage for our pal Brian Turner's utter-blow-your-mind freeform radio show.

Metal Squadron, thee site for current underground true heavy metal goodness.

The Corroseum, thee site for ye olde underground true heavy metal goodness.

Angry Metal Guy, one of the best and most fecund metal review blogs there is.

The Free Jazz Collective blog, basically the Angry Metal Guy of improv/jazz scene.

Classic Thrash, reviews of a heck of a lot of thrash metal albums. 

Last Rites, another essential metal reviews and more site with great taste and great writing.

Fecking Bahamas, thee site for everything 'math rock.'

Old aQ customer Lars Gotrich's invaluable "Viking's Choice" NPR playlist and newsletter, a great way to keep up with Bandcamp necessities.

Jussi from Circle's label Ektro, one of our very favorite labels EVER!!! (Circle is one of our favorite bands, ever, too!).

Another one of our favorite record labels in the world, Japan's wonderfully eccentric EM Records!

Utech Records, another fave for (mostly) dark, droney, and beautifully designed goodness. 

One of our favorite labels for experimental/ambient obscurities (and amazing packaging), Time Released Sound.

It's been dormant for a couple years, but still Mr. Horribly Charred Infant's Lightning Jukebox is one of our favorite music blogs.

Not super active lately, but the Reggae Album Covers site is still a great place to browse cool cover art and listen to samples of some classic reggae/dub releases.

Official website of the late great Sun City Girls.