ROTW: Love Dance!

Thanks to our pal Matt for recently turning us on to this cool album, the debut recording by jazz/drone/rock minimalists Derby Derby, released earlier this year. Especially since we might not have checked it out otherwise, on account of their less than evocative moniker, if we'd ever even run across it in the first place.

The disc features essentially one piece, divided into two tracks, of instrumental music performed on trompette électrifiée, basse, and batterie (they're French, this trio is).

It's plodding (but slowly, inevitably accelerating), droned-out, deceptively simple, texturally dense, and totally trance-inducing stuff, definitely for fans of Outside The Dream Syndicate by Tony Conrad & Faust, as the sole commenter on their Bandcamp page quite accurately notes. We could also imagine folks into the likes of The Necks, Dead C, Circle, and Oren Ambarchi all digging this.

And please don't get scared off by the electric trumpet – if told it was a guitar, we'd believe it, certainly when the skronky soloing frenzy erupts on the more propulsive track two, "Dance."

Copies on cd [edit: actually cd-r, despite the pro-printing and nice digipak] or vinyl are available for mailorder from the Ormo label's online shop.

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