ROTW: Minecxio Emanations 1993​-​2018!

Wowzers. The 10.000 Chickens Symphony Drone label 7". The infamous (but lovely) Blank Tapes cd on Trente Oiseaux. Such conceptual faves, along with gobs of shambolic, shamanistic 'rock' music spread across many, many DIY tapes and cd-r's and other formats since 1993, constitute the bizarre legacy of one of the most unusual and eccentric sound-making units of our era, Reynols.

Thus, this release is something that both Andee and Allan instantly pre-ordered for themselves weeks ago, as soon as we first heard about it. Now it's just been released, so it's definitely a solid Record Of The Week choice for this blog of ours. Or should we make that, a 6xCD + 1xDVD Box Set Of The Freaking Week?

Yes, you heard that right. A "Record Of The Week" that could actually take weeks to listen to and fully absorb – and probably an eternity to truly comprehend! But, if you're already familiar (hopefully so) with the Argentinian noise/drone/improv WTF? trio of Miguel, Anla, and Roberto, then you know you probably want this too. Especially since this box set consists of mostly previously unreleased material – and the rest of it is quite rare. Check out more specific details of the contents here.

The 52 tracks on the six cds provide plenty of distorted drones and harsh guitar noise slashings mixed with meandering, moaning lo-fi echo-effected crooner-y chaos, all delivered with Reynols' own peculiar panache. An entire disc is devoted to their more conceptual compositions, including an unreleased outtake from the aforementioned 10.000 Chickens Symphony, as well as performances at NASA in Houston and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Another disc is devoted to various collaborations, such as their sublime meeting with Pauline Oliveros (another previously unreleased outtake), and there is also a nearly ten-minute team-up with Acid Mothers Temple among collabs with other, more obscure folks as well.

Ten years ago, Norwegian noisenik Lasse Marhaug's Pica Disk brought us a massive 10xCD box set from Japan's Incapacitants, Box Is Stupid. More recently Pica Disk has been responsible for a couple other great archival box sets from Omit and Witcyst. Now Pica Disk has outdone itself with this Reynols collection, apparently six years in the making. We've only heard the audio so far, but based on the quality of those other boxes, we are certain the physical package will be very nicely done – can't wait to delve into the two booklets of art and liner notes... Oh, and then the 90-minute DVD, which we expect to blow our minds completely.

About the only thing that could be cooler and weirder and even more legit outsidery would be a Japor box set.

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