[ Top "10s" 2018 ]

(Thus far...)

As always, it's never too soon (or too late) to start thinking about year-end best of lists! Here, already (ha), are some of the 2018 releases we’re pretty sure about being likely year-end-best-of-listers so far. Of course, we're still kind of working on our 2017 lists too... so probably won't be really done with these until, like, sometime in 2020. Never done, really. Think of these as 'living' lists, eh?


Bat Fangs s/t (Don Giovanni)
Black Salvation Uncertainty Is Bliss (Relapse)
Elektro Guzzi Polybrass (Denovali)
DMBQ Keeenly (Tsukumogami/God?)
Gatekeeper East Of Sun (Cruz Del Sur)
GRLwood Daddy (sonaBLAST!)
Howling Sycamore Howling Sycamore (Prosthetic)
Megaton Leviathan Mage (Blood Music)
New Light Choir Torchlight (Svart)
Oh Sees Smote Reverser (Castle Face)
Old Tower Stellary Wisdom (Profound Lore/Tour De Garde)
Satan Cruel Magic (Metal Blade)
Janek Schaefer What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing (Temporary Residence Limited)
Solar Temple Fertile Descent (Eisenwald Tonschmiede)
Starkweather/Concealment split (Translation Loss)
Turnstile Time & Space (Roadrunner)
Voïvod The Wake (Century Media)

reissues and suchlike:
The Nightcrawlers The Biophonic Boombox Recordings (Anthology)
Omit Enclosures 2011-2016 (Pica Disk/End Of The Alphabet)
v/a Gumba Fire! Bubblegum Soul & Synth - Boogie in 1980s South Africa (Soundway)
v/a Switched-On Eugene (Numero Group)


The Mistys Pregnant Mannequin (Plastique Influencer)
Drug Church Cheer (Pure Noise)
Urfaust The Constellatory Practice (Van)
Four Fists 6666 (Doomtree)
Svartidaudi Revelations Of The Red Sword (Van)
Ævangelist Matricide In The Temple Of Omega
Sierra Ferrell Pretty Magic Spell (Opika)
Legion Of Andromeda Fistful Of Hate (Bestial Burst/Fuck Yoga/AWWFN)
Visions & Phurpa Monad (Cyclic Law)
Thingy Morbid Curiosity (Joyful Noise)
MMMD Hagazussa (Antifrost)
Sainte Marie Des Loups s/t (Fallen Empire)
Ride For Revenge Sinking The Song
Negative Scanner Nose Picker (Trouble In Mind)
Windhand Eternal Return (Relapse)
Fatuous Rump Disposing Slobs Of Corporal Fatberg (Amputated Vein)
Book Of Sand Postmodern Witchcraft
Royce Da 5’9 Book Of Ryan
Reverorum Ib Malacht Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas Innoble (AnnapurnA)
Craft White Noise And Black Metal (Season Of Mist)
Hail Conjurer Dreams Of Serpent (Bestial Burst)
Skee Mask Compro (Ilian Tape)
Sloan 12 (Yep Roc/Murderecords)
Masayoshi Fujita Book Of Life (Erased Tapes)

reissues and so forth:
Omit Enclosures 2011-2016 (Pica Disk/End Of The Alphabet)
Michele Mercure Beside Herself (Rvng Intl.)
The Posies Amazing Disgrace (Omnivore)
Redd Kross Teen Babes From Monsanto Versión Especial (Merge)
Paternoster Die Ersten Tage (Now-Again)
Templum N.R. Magnetic Vision (Aural Hypnox)
The HIRS Collective The First 100 Songs (SRA Records)
The HIRS Collective The Second 100 Songs (SRA Records)
Pierre Henry Polyphonies (Decca)
David Shire Apocalypse Now (The Unused Score) (La-La Land Records)


  1. Another year, another list of goodness.... (none of this is in any particular order)

    El Ten Eleven - Banker's Hill
    Lithics - Mating Surfaces
    Altre di B - Miranda!
    Cavern of Anti-Matter - Hormone Lemonade
    The Dead Centuries - Race Against Time
    Filipe Pupo - Orishas
    Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
    Szun Waves - New Hymn To Freedom
    Sumac - Love In Shadow
    Covet - Effloresce
    Old World - Old World
    Sonae - I Started Wearing Black
    Gang Gang Dance - Kazuashita
    Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo
    They Hate Change - Now, And Never Again
    Ben LaMar Gay - Downtown Castles Will Never Block The Sun
    Omni - Multi-Task
    Lorø - Hidden Twin
    Bangladeafy - Ribbon Cutter
    Mitski - Be The Cowboy
    Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams
    Delroy Edwards - Rio Grande
    Flicker Rate - Skylight
    Koenjikyakkei - Dhorimviskha
    Aura Noir - Aura Noir
    RLYR - Actual Exisitance
    Merkabah - Million Miles

  2. Thanks for the list, Marky! Gonna check out a bunch of those...

  3. Album of the year:
    Low - Double Negative

    Metal picks:
    Cultes des Ghoules - Sinister, or Treading the Darker Paths
    Häxenzijrkell - ...von Glut und Wirbelrauch
    Phlegein - Devotion
    Numinous - Bellum in Terris
    Temple of Perdition - Tetragrammaton (Demo and album both came out with same name; I like the demo's production more, but both are good)
    Hegemone - We Disappear
    Spectral Wound - Infernal Decadence
    Anicon - Entropy Mantra
    Antlers - Beneath.Below.Behold
    Djevel - Blant Svarte Graner

    Runners up (aka top 10-20):
    Akitsa - Credo
    Khanus - Flammarion
    Windfaerer - Alma
    Abigor - Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)
    Non Est Deus - The Last Supper
    Craft - White Noise and Black Metal
    Xibalba Itzaes - Ah Tza Xibalba Itzaes
    Kriegsmaschine - Apocalypticists
    The Ocean - Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic
    Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods

    Reverorum ib Malacht - Urkaos
    Ondskapt - Slave Under His Immortal Will
    Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
    The Beatles - The Beatles

  4. Because I am a lunatic my list is set up in Google Sheets (like Excel). I can't copy and paste it easily and keep the formatting, but here is a link to the list that anyone can view: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18RPAFgdmyPwKRGppDOllQcOWAd1yt62do00b5bgRtLw/edit?usp=sharing

  5. Thanks for all the lists! Please keep the music recs coming in 2019! I used to rely on your aquarius lists to find new music.