Boards of Chaos

Following up on that last post - here’s something to check out if you're interested in an even more demoniacal take on a Dick Dale type of sound, as brought up by a commenter (whose comment, by the way, due to some annoying Blogger glitch, can't be seen anymore*). Said commenter reminded us of the existence of a number of "1960’s Trve Kvlt svrf music" tracks that have been posted on YouTube by bands with names like The Darkthrones, The Mayhems, and The Emperors. Yes, black metal covers done surf style!

We're pretty sure that at first they were the work of one person, playing real instruments, and then some other folks decided to get in on the fun, using MIDI (which has its own special charm). Either way, they're all pretty cool, complete with amusing parallel-universe band histories and track titles, i.e., "Californian Hunger", "Surfin' Moon", "I Am The Surf Wizards", etc. Kinda makes you realize just how many black metal 'hits' there are, with so much recognizable melody, and yeah they sound totally rad as surf tunes. Such grim reverb!

Perhaps you've heard these already, they've been around for a while, several years... In fact, long ago, Andee even attempted to make contact with the person(s) responsible, hoping to put a compilation disc of 'em out on his label tUMULt, but unfortunately got no response… So, they remain internet-only tracks, ah well. Here are a couple examples, and if you poke around on YouTube you'll find a bunch more:

*It seems that some folks who were nice enough to comment already, found their comments double-posted, and then, when they tried to delete the duplicate, both were deleted, AND on top of that now nobody can comment or even look at comments on those posts anymore, it's all messed up. At least in the browsers we’ve tried. D’oh. C'mon, Blogger/Google! It’s a free platform, but still. We're thinking that if we switch the template we're using that might fix the problem, we'll see...


  1. About the commenting: I noticed that, when I have "Block third-party cookies and site data" enabled in Chrome, I cannot post a comment. When I disable this (which I don't want, but I just allowed third-party cookies for this comment) I can comment.

    And about the kvlt svrf, I already knew these yes, but it's great to hear them again, thanks for reminding me!

  2. hey guys, thanks for posting this!! glad i could be of service.