ROTW: Inferno!

Heck, a new Brainbombs LP on Skrammel just landed Stateside, so there's our ROTW right there. Another slab of misanthropic sub-Stooges-y squall from this long-running Swedish outfit, who believe they figured out a long time ago (circa 1989) what rock was really for (against?) and has been bludgeoning the rest of us with it ever since, bless their sick hearts.

Inferno, their eighth or so album, represents an impressive, continuing dedication to noise and nihilism. These eight new songs are typically plodding and distorted, and as always are kinda catchy too, with titles proclaiming such typically Brainsbombs-esque sentiments as: "They All Deserve To Die" and "Wanted To Kill You." Enjoy.

Midheaven has 'em.


  1. Miss your AQ lists but this blog at least lets me know whats on your guys' radar. Keep it going!

  2. Excellent choice. Brainbombs still kick asz!