ROTW: Metallic OK!

The latest solo album from guitarist Bruce Russell of New Zealand's finest, The Dead C, was recently released by resuscitated UK underground out-pop label Glass, or rather, Glass Redux. Bearing a title that nods to Iggy & The Stooges for reasons doubtless cool but not entirely obvious, it's a sprawling double cd set consisting in large part of two of our most very favorite-est things: feedback and field recordings!

Sure, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between Bruce playing the guitar, and Bruce rummaging around in the shed; between Bruce playing the guitar, and Bruce mowing the lawn (perhaps – and it's quite possible he mows the lawn with his guitar), but it matters not. When given proper attention, the sounds here really draw you in, your ears curiously wondering just what's going on, and why and how it's all so noisily gorgeous.

And as Allan pointed out to Andee, well, we don't actually have to worry about selling any of them. So since we're both so psyched on it: ROTW, OK!

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