ROTW: Mouvement!

Not brand spanking new (it came out back in February) and in fact this "Black Metal" (yeah let's put that in quotes, and you can add "Death Metal, Doom, Drone, Psychedelia" to that as per their Discogs page) band has an even newer release out since, from April, a 12" vinyl only collaboration on Utech with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson that's also great, BUT for those who may have missed this and have any sort of affinity for out-there extreme metallish weirdness we wanted to give this second proper Chaos Echœs full-length some belated ROTW attention.

Featuring in their ranks two brothers, both former members of a French technical death/black metal band called Bloody Sign whose final album from 2010 was titled Chaos Echoes, the band Chaos Echœs is what happens when blackened death metal goes experimental. While it doesn't sound like jazz (despite their motto being a Wayne Shorter quote, "To hell with the rules, I am going for the unknown" and of course the above-mentioned association with a saxophone player) it is somewhat improvised and freeform sounding, the tracks as atmospheric and endless as their wordy, obscure song titles. It's compelling like an unbidden vision of the unknown. Uneasy listening, both ambient and aggressive, it's a trance-inducing experience of extremity that both Aluk Todolo and Ævangelist fans should appreciate. Get their 2015 album Transient first, perhaps (also on NWN!) and then sink into this one. Or vice versa, doesn't matter.

Check Mouvement out via Bandcamp, below, and listen for the following: left speaker guitars, effects, ebow, noises, oscillations, organistrum, harmonium, piano, overtone flute, whispers, vocals, drums, bells, crotales cymbals, hammered dulcimer, organistrum, daf, sansula, snare effects microphone, overtone flute, death whistle, whispers, vocals, bass, effects, bow, whispers, vocals, right speaker guitars, effects, ebow, oscillations, piano, whispers, vocals.

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