Heads up, folks, nothin' new (or old) this week, not even the 73-track super deluxe Appetite For Destruction reissue, is gonna beat this – a double CD or triple LP freekout of rare vintage material from these hypnotic UK garage fuzz jammers, including the tracks from their debut split 7", all newly compiled and remastered from the first three releases they put out on Rocket, circa 1998-2002.

It includes a 'Conga'd Out' version of their classic (and classically titled) "Spliff Riff" and also a track named "Neu75" so you know it's gotta be good. One of the cuts, "KRT," takes up two whole sides of vinyl (or most of the 2nd disc in the compact disc set). It and the rest of this collection are the definition of sprawling, glorious, drugged-out, and fuzz-filled (natch).

Released by The Heads' own Rooster Rock label, you can pick this up from Midheaven mailorder, where you'll find a few sound samples to check out – if such checking out is even necessary before purchase of anything to do with The Heads. Or dive into a couple of the tracks via YouTube, below:

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